Dr. Sodas

Dr. R

VGG Name Bouquet Color Taste Rating
T. Mike Slight, sweet Brown Highly carbonated, good bite, tangy. 6
Rob Weak Brownish brown It burns! It burns! Jeeziz help me God! 6
Charles no smell med. brown not good. No redeeming qualites. 2
Galen I could smell when I woke up this morning , why not now? cola The taste you get when you breathe through mouth in a furnace room of an old church. 4
Alan There is a smell, but I can't tell what it is. More research is needed. Perhaps a grant from the NIH would help. Brown again! It's got the richness of Dr. Pepper, and I actually could see drinking this. Not anytime soon, but you get the idea. 10
Jason Notable smell- cherries and detergent Rich honey ocher Appallingly chemical, this is a good candidate for "Dr. Subpar." 2

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