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People around the United States are talking about the sketch comedy group the Van Gogh-Goghs. From the pool halls to the Capitol steps, the lips of good, kind-hearted patriots sing about the VGGs.

The buzz on the Van Gogh-Goghs runs the gamut from "Those two-bit, horn-swogglin', cattle-rustlin', no-good varmints stole my July issue of Cracked," to "Those two-bit, horn-swogglin', cattle-rustlin', no-good ruffians surely turn my brown eyes blue."

Well, some people talk about us so much, they just have to write about us. And print it in a newspaper, no less! To these plucky journalists, we bid you a hearty hip-hip-hooray! Here's a sample, if you please:

*Comedy a go-go
The Daily Bruin, Feb. 11, 2000
*Review of Hooray for the Seven Deadly Sins
The L.A. Weekly, October 7, 1999
The Spectator, September 12, 1996
*Comedy troupe to warm up for festival at UNC
Chapel Hill Herald, April 11, 1996
*Don't Call Them a Troupe
Duke Chronicle - Currents magazine, February 14, 1996
*BEST BET: Laughs laud Pie Day
The Herald Sun, Preview section, January 26, 1996
*Van Gogh Goghs paint a wild comedy picture
The Chapel Hill News, July 21, 1995
*Trouping Along
Independent Weekly, December 7, 1994

Nice articles, hunh? Yep, them's some nice articles. Yeah. Well... you don't have to stay on this page, ya know? You could... oh, I don't know... maybe go ...

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