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The Spectator
September 12, 1996

excerpted from the article
by Al Herr

I have found that the spoofy Van Gogh-Gogh's [sic] resemble the subtle schtick of Saturday Night Live and Kids on [sic] the Hall. If your taste runs toward skit comedy, you will be fond of this sketch comedy, untroupe-like group. A troupe implies something delicate and esoteric. The Van Gogh Gogh's [sic] are more like a gang of hooligans who enact stories entitled, "Cop and A Nut," "Suits and Salaries" and "Dr. Reality." They have a following thanks to sardonic writing and committed performances.

The group's origin? Four of the members are from Greensboro, another is listed as a certified madman from Charlotte and the sixth is the baby boy of a backwoods preacher. It reminds one of ordering steak, lobster, and chicken. The group includes Alan Benson, Galen Black, T. Michael Childs, Charles Rempel, Robert Terrell and Jason Torchinsky.

Their skits deal with diverse topics ranging from a parody of NPR to psychopathic hitchhikers who catch rides with psychopathic drivers. They also mix stand-up from Torchinsky and Childs. Torchinsky's stand-up is good enough for a club and if you like a cathartic style his is a good bet.

Torchinsky informs me that the VGG's are committed to making a living from their comedy and the fact that they memorize and block their skits proves their seriousness. Their local performance spot is at the Cave on Franklin St. and occasionally at the Carrboro ArtsCenter.

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