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WTF Friday - Mac N Cheese/Spaghetti Moat!

As halloween nears, we will delve into the macabre, the evil, the... inedible! This is from an old recipe pamphlet from the fine folks at Kraft (don't sue us!). This Frankenstinian creation appears to be nothing more than good ole mac & cheese dumped in a bowl of spaghetti sauce, then sprinkled with olives for no reason. Oh, wait there is a reason: THERE IS NO REASON. Did moms in the 1960s really spend time carefully sculpting their lumps of mac & cheese so the corners were perfectly square to match the bowl, so that the mac & cheese was carefully protected from all invaders by a deep and unappetizing moat of purest tomato sauce!? No one shall take these way-too-carefully sliced olive slices without a fight! Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more, Or close the wall up with our English dead!

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