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WTF Friday - Barkfast is the most important meal of the day

Square meal for your dog? Okay dog lovers, you gots some splainin' to do! The little outfits I can understand. Hand made gourmet dog treats, sure, why not. I can almost get my head around Frosty Paws, the frozen treat for dogs. But now you have gone too far. There's a new product on the shelves, Breakfast Cereal for Dogs, in three amusing flavors; Chewabunga, Breakfast of Chompions, and this one, Barkfast Squares.

Square meal for your dog?
Click to embiggen.

While it's obvious that dogs have well mastered the concept of eating, I have grave and serious doubts that canines have mastered the concept of BREAKFAST, and being able to tell one meal from another. Even if they could, dogs strike me as bacon and egg types, not frickin' breakfast cereal! Now, granted the packaging is sublime. It has it all- a punning name, not just one dog dressed up but a whole dog family, a dog pretending to read "The New Dog Times" (that should have been the "New Yorkie Times"), a little puppy as Junior, and infinite regression, because everybody loves infinite regression. Everything is trying so hard to convince me this is the cutest f*cking thing ever, but I feel like it's from another planet. But in a good way. Appropriately enough, "dog's breakfast" is a slang term for... a mess.

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