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WTF Friday - Burt Rutan's House!

Burt Rutan, who's he? He's a space pioneer, doofus! No, not back in them Apollo days, RIGHT NOW! He won the 2004 X-Prize with his SpaceShipOne, the first privately built spaceship that actually went into space! He's having some hard times right now, with an unfortunate explosion during a rocket test that killed three employees. Let's hark back to happier days of this aviation and space pioneer, back to 1989, when he let Popular Science into his custom designed pyramid house! Check out the scans (about 1 MB each):

Nice, eh? Custom-made trapezoidal pool table! Plexiglass water wheel! An Apple IIe just for the bathroom! Man, that's living! The big question is, does he still live there, and can somebody Google-map it for us?


Hello mr.Rutan
It is a great pleasure to find this page on the internet,I read on the magazine popular science many years ago about the pyramid house and how well energy eficient is if I am not misstaking it was 1.78 degrees °C all year around in the Arizona area.
I think you are the Leonardo D'Vinci of now days.
Have a nice day.

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