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MP3 Monday SuperBowl Special

Let us ram it

You, the great Internet-surfing public, have voted for this Monday's Superbowl Special version of MP3 Monday!!! The winner is: "Let's Ram It!" by the 1986 Los Angeles Rams! Enjoy!!!

Download (5:15 / 8.5 MB)

The fine print: All downloads are provided for entertainment purposes only. VGG.COM does not have the express written permission from the NFL commissioner to post this MP3. VGG.COM not responsible for the poor rapping abillity of professional football players.

Next Week: VOTE NOW

Use the comments to vote on next week's MP3 Monday, absolutely for reals!!! Feb. 12 is Abraham Lincoln's birthday- let's celebrate it by choosing one of the following:
*"Old Abe Lincoln Came Out of The Willderness" - (1964) LIFE magazine presents their re-creation of a real 1860 campaign song.
*Walt Disney Presents: Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln" - (1964) Royal Dano as the voice of the animatronic Abe Lincoln
*"Abraham Lincoln Vs. Madison Avenue" - (1960) comedian Bob Newhart imagines a conversation between Abe Lincoln and his press agent.


Gotta be Bob Newhart.

Here's a Write-In:

How about the terrifically brillant comedy skit, 'Unborn Baby Lincoln'?

I can't remember who performed it, though!

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