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MP3 Monday - President's Day!

Sing Along With Millard Fillmore

All the votes are in (barring Guam, and some more rural counties) and the winner of the grand MP3 Monday election for President's Day is: "Van Buren" - An anti-Van Buren song from the 1964 LIFE magazine album Sing Along With Millard Fillmore, featuring their recordings of real campaign songs throughout the decades. From the 1840 election, this song is a one big eff you to Martin Van Buren from Willam Henry Harrison and the Whig party.

Download (1.8 MB / 1:08)

Take that, old man!!!

The fine print: All downloads are provided for entertainment purposes only. VGG.COM does not support hating any presidents: Hate the game, not the playah!

Next Week: VOTE NOW

Next week is the Oscars, so let's award our own, um, award, for weird movie song for next week's MP3 Monday! Ladies and Gentlemen, the nominees are:

*"If You Love Me Baby Tell Me Loud" - From Mel Brooks' High Anxiety (1977). This is a hilarious "rock" song- well, what old squares thought loud, noxious rock music sounded like.

*"Beware The Blob" - The 1958 horror movie The Blob starts off on the wrong foot, with a bouncy, catchy title song composed by... Burt Bacharach?!

*"Skeet Surfing" - From Top Secret! (1984), Val Kilmer's first starring role is 50s singer Nick Rivers in this send-up of Elvis movies, spy films, war films, Blue Lagoon, and hell, everything. Here Nick sings about the hot fad of shooting skeet WHILE surfing in this Beach Boys parody.

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I vote for "Beware the Blob." You can't beat a lounge ode to an amorphous killer.

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