ManiFEASTo of Great Chicken
A spectre is haunting the world — a spectre of moist
and meaty chicken, fresh biscuits, creamy slaw, and the
best sandwiches this side of St. Petersburg!

Eating men and women of the world, arise! Cast off your burger chains and suppress your Hung(a)ry Revolution at...

Comrades - click here to throw off the oppressive bourgeouis burgers!

Finally there is a restaurant where the proletariat are in charge — Kremlin Fried Chicken. So Trotsky on over today! You Brehznever saw such low prices!

Feast your tired eyes on our glorious menu!

Memorize the official history of our glorious struggle and inevitable triumph!
Our glorious leader, who leads us in battle against the oppressors!
The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of struggle. For the proletariat, that is to say, the oppressed, that struggle has primarily taken the form of one central battle: finding foods that will fill one's proletariat stomach without compromising one's ideals.

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