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Win a Date Entry #6

Name: Krista
Use three gerunds to describe yourself: cute, intelligent, weird
Do you like piña coladas?:Yes
And getting caught in the rain?:Yes
Are you not into yoga?:Yes
Do you have half a brain?:Yes

What do you look for in a T. Mike?:
intelligence, humor, wit, courtesy, etc.. etc..
someone to go out to dinner with who makes me laugh alot, in a good way ;p
How hot would you say you are?:Null
How big a bowl do you need for a haircut?:T. Mike's Bowl

Describe your perfect date:
one of my favorite places for dinner... either peruvian or thai or mediterranean, then either the Belly Room at the Comedy Store or the late show at the Groundlings, or maybe a movie at the Laemmle Sunset 5 so we can wander around in Virgin browsing movies, books and computer games for awhile. Late night coffee/hot chocolate at Nova Express.

Where would you take T. Mike on this date:
see above
Is any special equipment required for the date you have in mind?:No
If the VGGs weren't forking out the cash for this, who would pay for your date:Go Dutch
So, uh, do you have a sister?:Sorry, no.
You do realize that we're not paying your way to LA if you do happen to win?:Yes

Anything else you'd like to add?:
hmmm.... have no earthly idea. I was just browsing comedy troupes and clubs in the LA area and saw the contest. Was too tempting to pass up ;p

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