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Rejected Licence Plate Slogans

by Alan Benson

In celebration of the millennium, a lot of states are redoing their licence plates and adopting new slogans. None of mine got picked, though.
  • Alabama: We May Suck, But We're First Alphabetically
  • Alaska: Send Women Please!
  • Arizona: The Head-Crammed-Up-Ass State
  • Arkansas: Roadkill Capital of the World
  • California: Where the Smog Meets the Landfills
  • Colorado: America's Shitheap
  • Connecticut: Where the Rich White People Roam
  • Delaware: Rhode Island Without the Glamour
  • Florida: Whippersnappers Stay Out!
  • Georgia: Where NASCAR Is An Art
  • Hawaii: Haole Go Home
  • Idaho: Now Mostly Paranoid Bigots
  • Illinois: Screw this "Lake Effect Snow" Crap
  • Indiana: Land of 10,000 Mullets
  • Iowa: The "Holy God This Is Boring" State
  • Kansas: Sorry About That Band
  • Kentucky: It's Amazing What Drunk Horses Will Do
  • Louisiana: Geneticists' Paradise
  • Maine: The Alabama of the North
  • Maryland: The "Shove It" State
  • Massachusetts: Home of the Northern Liberal
  • Michigan: Let Me Tell You About Our Militias
  • Minnesota: The People Who Laugh At Garrison Keillor
  • Mississippi: Famous Racists
  • Missouri: Show Me Your Tits
  • Montana: Fat Ass Country
  • Nebraska: No Longer Mostly Inbred
  • Nevada: Hookers and Craps -- American Paradise
  • New Hampshire: Live Free or Move to Vermont
  • New Jersey: Where New York Shits
  • New Mexico: Stop Trying To "Give Us Back"
  • New York: Home of the Loud, Pushy Asshole
  • North Carolina: Slightly Better Than South Carolina
  • North Dakota: Yes, People Actually Live Here
  • Ohio: Mayo Goes On Everything
  • Oklahoma: The Slow Drawl State
  • Oregon: The Apathetic Sta
  • Pennsylvania: Where New Jersey Shits
  • Rhode Island: We Are Too A "Real State"
  • South Carolina: First in Secession
  • South Dakota: Crossroads of the Dakotas
  • Tennessee: Celebrating 50 Years Of Shitty Country Music
  • Texas: Crazy 'Bout Guns!
  • Utah: Mormons As Far As The Eye Can See
  • Vermont: Birthplace of the Insufferable Hippie
  • Virginia: Virginia is for Lepers
  • Washington: Not The Cool Washington, The Other One
  • Washington, D.C.: Try The Crack
  • West Virginia: Not Just Strip Mines and Rednecks Any More
  • Wisconsin: Cow Pie Paradise
  • Wyoming: I Live In Wyoming. Please Kill Me.

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