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Plant Life

Not much chlorophyll, but what is here is frenetically diverse and bizarre. Jason and I admired a part of a plant that, if cut off at the base, could easily be used to stab large holes in someone's back. Also, almost every scrap of greenery is gardened, tended, staked, pruned, sprinkled or something. They keep both dogs and plants on a leash here. And if a plant wants that precious water from the master, it had better cooperate. Weeds are exiled outside the L.A. County Water System without a trial.

Fresh Fruit:
Sold everywhere. A shopping cart full of bagged oranges is the big city Southern Californian equivalent of a southern roadside fruit 'n' vegetable stand with the"Boild P-Nuts" sign. Angrifyingly, fruit juice in restaurants is just as expensive here as anywhere, the small glass just as tiny.


Palm Trees:
Ya know, it never crossed my mind before, but the palm tree is plentiful enough in Los Angeles for it to become a weed. I had difficultly getting my mind around this concept, but I have seen plenty of examples - lone stubby things poking through a concrete median or curb. Sure, a palm tree is not a hothouse orchid or anything, but one's expectations are for it to be sitting on some manicured plot of grass near a beach, Beverly Hills or forty feet tall. Somehow a two foot high palm tree cracking a sidewalk by the chain link fence that surrounds my parking lot at work is um, kinda weird.


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