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by T. Mike

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Part 8

Showtime! And time for "The Great Sketch 'n' Improv Swindle!"
Show time! Our souls burn with greasepaint!
Showtime! We panic like ants under a lifted log!
Showtime! And I still sound like I've been smoking for longer than I've been alive.

      The Van Gogh-Goghs finally have their shot at it. We've been sniggering at the improv geeks all week and now it's time to put up or shut up.

      Naturally we want to preserve this precious moment, a show in front of the biggest audience we've had yet. So Galen, having run a video camera professionally for almost ten years at this point in his life, inexplicably points his camcorder at a piano instead of the stage. Granted, it's a nice piano. But it's not in our act. The Transactors used it right before we went on, so maybe that's where Galen got all confused and thought the Transactors were us rehearsing. Galen can offer no adequate explanation but "Hey look behind you!" We got home and looked at the tape and you hear us and see a piano. Which is a shame, because we had a pretty darn good show, aside from me almost slipping to my death. If you listen to the tape you can clearly hear Jason, Al, Galen, Rob, Charles and apparently Harvey Fierstein. It's really me, but that's what karaoke can do to the unwary.

      Later we found out the piano was signed by Fox, largely on the strength of our tape. Oh, the irony.

       After our show, at the bar with the painting of Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble in S & M gear, we decompress after our show and enjoy one last fling with Austin and its beer. Still giddy and heady from our performance, we enjoy a few precious moments with the just arrived Oui Be Negroes, who we determine to be the coolest improv/comedy group ever, because they have a token caucasian. A stranger handed us a newsletter calling for the destruction of the band Urge Overkill, on the grounds that they suck. It provided amusing reading on our trip back. But later, when the band really did break up because they sucked, well, it was a little eerie.

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