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Twenty Five Failed Strip Clubs

by T. Mike

Here in Los Angeles, there are two other certainties in life in addition to the Death and Taxes outlined by Ben Franklin. They are donut stores and strip clubs. Having lived in L.A. for ooh, months now, I have seen many a strip club come and many a strip club go. And I can't help but think it might be the names. You check out some of the names and see if you agree.

  • AAAA-1 Strip Club
  • The Panty Pantry
  • Miss T's TNT T 'n' A
  • T. G. I. McSexxx!!!
  • The Genital Shack
  • Uterus 'R' Us
  • The Grope-acabana
  • The Ass Menagerie
  • The Breast Room
  • The Taint Bucket
  • International House of Pooncakes
  • Kenny Rogers' Weenie Roasters
  • The Golden Globes Award Show
  • Club Blackmail
  • House of the Rising Cover Charge
  • Backwoods Bob's Creepy Windowless Bunker
  • The Near the Airport Bar and Grill
  • Classy Earl's House of Class and Tits
  • Mother Teresa's House of Guilt
  • The Sex County Orphanage
  • Homewreckers
  • The Soiled Rose
  • The Eros Manor of Sexually Abused Runaways
  • Dreamcrushers
  • Titsylvania

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