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A Story

by T. Mike Childs

One night I was lying in bed, in that odd half state between sleep and wakefulness, when I had a reverie. I imagined I was floating up towards heaven, soaring to the clouds. Invisible, I drifted this way and that, surreptiously seeing all the happy angels of dead souls flying blissfully about. Then I took a sharp turn into a different part of heaven.

And there, sitting on the clouds were baby angels, tiny naked infants with wings and halos, of every race and ethnicity! At first I was sad that these souls had been taken from life so terribly young. But they were all happy, even happier than the other angels I had seen. And each one was staring down into their own little reflective pool, like a puddle of mercury. They all seemed to be very engrossed with what I thought was their own reflections. But I drifted closer to one, and peeked over his shoulder to see what exactly he found so fascinating about his mirror-like puddle.

To my shock the baby was watching an earthly scene of a man and a woman in a suburban bedroom having sex! The baby was very excited, cooing and gurgling and thumping his little fists as he watched these two extremely average looking people go at it. I was stunned by a confused disgust. Then in the scene in the puddle the man obviously came. At that precise moment, the baby raised his fists skyward and let out an ecstatic cry of triumph. A few neighboring babies glanced up from gazing at their own puddles long enough to cheer him on as he suddenly flew straight up and then swiftly curved straight down into a hole in the clouds that had suddenly parted.

He quickly disappeared from sight and then I realized that these angels weren't the souls of dead babies, but the souls of babies who had yet to be born! They were watching their parents, not out of a prurient interest, but waiting anxiously for the miracle of their conception. I looked up and saw various randomly scattered babies giving cheers as they were conceived and then swooping down to the mortal coil below. And I felt at peace. I blushed with shame that I had at first been disgusted by what I had seen. Why, these little miracles were all just eager to be born, hoping maybe tonight would be the night that a moment of joy and love would make them flesh. I floated about them, smiling benignly, invisible and happy.

As I drifted among the babies and their puddles, hearing the occasional cheer that went up as one got conceived, I happened to see one baby who was not so happy. And he was smoking a cigarette! He wasn't even looking in his reflective pool. He was just staring aimlessly off into the distance, the cigarette dangling from his lips like an infant James Dean. He looked bored and a little haggard, if that's possible for an infant.

Quite curious about this misfit angel, I floated closer. I craned my neck to look into his puddle and see what was transpiring with his parents on the earthly plane. Over the baby's shoulder, I saw a cramped, cluttered, darkened room where a man was laying on a bed. He was masturbating! No wonder the baby was so disinterested. Then as the man suddenly twisted his head, I got a good look at his face. It was me!

Right then the baby turned and looked straight at me and screamed, "You stupid fucking asshole!" Whatever heavenly force that was holding me up suddenly gave way and I plummeted through the clouds. I twisted around, looking up to see the baby glaring down at me from a hole in the clouds. Our eyes locked. The wind rushed by my ears and I could no longer hear his insults and epithets but I could just make out his tiny baby hand giving me the finger.

I woke up with a nasty start and spent the rest of the night furiously debating with myself whether to throw away my pornography or not.

The End.

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