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The Van Gogh-Goghs present:
Our Favorite Movies

We Van Gogh-Goghs love movies. Especially with all these new "talkies" everyone's raving about. So we decided to make a list of some of our favorite movies for you. With six stubborn guys with terrible, terrible memories in the group, this was a lot harder than it might seem. But we think we got the gist of them. But if we got a name or tiny detail wrong, please forgive us. Enjoy!

The Mission to Mars Needs Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakin' II: Electric Boogaloo

Almodovar directs this sequel. After the apparent loss of an expedition to bring Christianity to the primitive tribesmen of Mars and a mysterious outer space demand for females, a second, all-woman, all-insane, all break-dancing expedition is launched.

American Beauty and the Beastmasters of the Universe

He-Man (Marc Singer) and She-ra (Annette Bening), long married, are stuck in a dysfunctional suburban rut. When She-ra starts a torrid affair with the hideous, but gentle Beast, He-Man starts smoking grass and talking to a pair of weasels, a hawk and a black panther and claims to be able to see through their eyes! Who will save the kingdom from the evil Skeletor when He-Man seems to be going crazy?!

The Mask of Zorro the Gay Bladerunner

When Zorro (Harrison Ford) needs help, he calls upon his gay cousin (Jim Carrey), who finds a magic mask that gives him the power to find and kill replicants, but may be one himself.

The Blue Lagoonies

Brooke Shields and a bunch of lovable scamps are stranded on a desert island with a mysterious cave. Will they find the pirates' treasure? Or are they too busy exploring their burgeoning sexuality? Soundtrack by Cyndi Lauper.

Sense and SensiBill and Ted's Excellent Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai

Three sisters (Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet and Emilie Francois) facing love and hardship in 17th century England are suddenly whisked into the future to help battle evil aliens from the 10th dimension by two young valley dudes (Hugh Grant and Alan Rickman) who really just want to start their own heavy metal band.

Very Bad Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead Against All Odd Couple

A mismatched pair of roommates (Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau), who discover they were murderer and victim in a previous life, have to get rid of a dead hooker in their apartment and find a gangster's girlfriend before they're killed by the mob in this adaptation of the hit Neil Simon play.

Falcon and the SnowMan of La Bamba, the Forbidden Dance

The chivalric yet deluded Falcon (Peter O'Toole) and his dumpy but sane sidekick, Snowman (James Coco), tilt at windmills and run from the federal government after they stumble onto the secret of the forbidden dance, all to the beat of music by Ritchie Valens.

Who's The Man Who Would be King Kong

Two bruthas (MTV's Ed Lover and Dr. Dre) are barbers turned ex-soldiers in British-controlled India. They strike out to the wilderness to become kings in their own right but end up facing off with a giant ten story ape and a secret plot about a hidden oil field in Brooklyn. Flava Flav has a quick cameo.

Inventing the Abbot and Costello Meet Joe Blackula

Two wacky vaudevillian brothers (Billy Crudup and Joaquin Phoenix) struggle with their low social standing in small town 1950's and meet up with Death himself in the guise of an African-Transylvanian vampire. Much hijinks as all three vie for affections of the same rich girl (Liv Tyler).

George of the Jungle2Jungle Fever

Directed by Spike Lee and loosely based on the animated series by Jay Ward, this fish-out-of-water comedy portrays the wacky misadventures of George (Tim Allen), a white man raised in the jungle by apes, as he goes to the city to meet the son he never knew he had- who's black! Much hijinks as he attempts to rekindle the romance with the boy's mother while dealing with the city's alien ways and the problems of interracial dating.

Being There's Something About Mary Poppins

The Farrelly brothers direct this comedy about Chance, an idiot gardner, who after his master's death, crosses the country to find his true love from high school, now a magical nanny. Much hijinks as Chance is accidentally elected president.

A Simple Plan 9 From Outer Space: 1999 1/2 Weekend at Bernie's

Ed Wood, Jr. directs. Mickey Rourke and Andrew McCarthy play backwoods brothers who stumble onto a million dollars in a crashed spaceship in the woods. Things get even more complicated when they discover an alien plot to take over the Earth by raising the dead, starting with this guy named Bernie (Martin Landau). Much hijinks as Mickey Rourke's character gets involved with a hot zombie stripper (Kim Basinger).



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