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The Homosexual Agenda: REVEALED!

by Alan Benson

During the recent debates in California over Prop 22 (a measure that said the only legal marriage was between a man and a woman), a bunch of its supporters said that anyone opposing the measure was supporting "the "homosexual agenda." In fact, it seems that during just about any discussion of gay rights, the right-wing side will inevitably start talking about the homosexual agenda and how it's dangerous for America.

Well, like most good liberals, I dismissed the concept of a homosexual agenda as just so much right-wing blather. That's why I was shocked, SHOCKED, by a document recently presented to me by a Van Gogh-Gogh operative. This document proves without a shadow of a doubt that there is, indeed, a homosexual agenda. And it is horrifying. This document outlines an evil plan that will undoubtedly lead to the end of life on earth. Plus, there are some doodles that are decidedly un-Christian.

Click the image below to see a larger version. And pray, my friends. Pray for the future of America.

the homosexual agenda...revealed!

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