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Let Us Name Your Comedy Group

Thomas Jefferson once said "every man [and woman always] dreams of [growing up and starting] his [or her own sketch comedy group, becoming famous, and getting his or her] freedom [from the crappy workaday world.]" Yes, having one's own comedy group is the American dream. Where else can you prance around aimlessly in front of hostile strangers in dingy coffeehouses for no money?

But before you realize the American dream, start your own group, and head for glory and the aforementioned dingy coffeehouses, you need one simple thing: A name. A good comedy name. A name that says "comedy" to people. Like how "International House of Ribs" says to people, "ribs." And "house." And "of." Promise ribs and fail to deliver, and you'll have a whole restaurant full of bitterly disappointed people. They probably won't tip, either. It's precisely the same with comedy, except for the ribs. This is why it is vital to have a good solid comedy name.

That's where we come in. The Van Gogh-Goghs have done the hard work for you by coming up with a master list of guaranteed comedy names! Choose the one you like, and set out for a fulfilling life of drunken hecklers, tiny backstages, filthy stages, and sparse audiences. All we ask is that you let us know if you use a name.

So, without further ado, behold our mighty list of comedy group names*:

Generic Names
Suitable for any group or occasion.
  • Loopy Lucy and the Loop-Ti-Doos
  • Captain Terrific and the Terrifics
  • Commander Gigglesworth and his Amazing Upsidedown Frown
  • The Dumb Joculars
  • The Unstoppable Zombies of Comedy
  • Murderous Robots of Fun
  • Bloodthirsty Mercenaries of Humor
  • The Angry Psychopaths Prone to Violence and Laffs
  • Sir Laughsalot and his Knights of the Very Funny Table
  • Apes from the Future
  • Fuck You, We're Funny!
  • Billy Bazoomba and his Magical Flying Dog, Chiggers!
  • International House of Crap!
  • Gallagher III
  • Professor Phineas F. Phlogiston's Phunny Phreaks
  • Duck, Duck, Goose!
  • The Loose Nuts
  • The Sticking Up Nails
  • The Stress-Fractured Acetylene Welds
  • The Bats in Your Belfry
  • The Crackpots
  • The Looney Ticks
  • My Mom Thinks We're Funny
  • Them
  • Funnier Than Them
  • The Wacktasticks
  • The Yellow Crash Hat Experiment
  • Casserole of Fun
  • One Big Happy Sandwich
  • Big Brown Comedy Loaf
  • Sklurfluffle

Place names
Say you're not just a comedy group, but you also have your own club or theater. No problem:
  • Chuckles MacYuk's Comedy Hut
  • Wacky Q. McGiggles's Laff Shack
  • Grandma Guffaw's Filthy Lean-To
  • Hilarity T. Jones' Bloody Slaughterhouse
  • Goofy O'Crazy's Reliable Tax Preparation Service
  • Laffsylvania
  • Cleveland

Parodies of Other Names
Perhaps you want to emphasize the musical aspect of your group. Do this by parodying the name of a musical group or artist. Ideally, this would be a big famous one that's timeless, like:
  • New Yuks on the Block
  • Snoop Laffy Laff
  • They Might Be Giggling
  • Parliament Goofadelic
  • The Squirrel Zipper Nuts
  • Weird Al Yuckovic
  • Hüsker Düfüs
  • Boyz II Grinz
  • Funny Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
  • The Jokeson Five

Improv Group Names
Does your group specialize in improvisational comedy? We don't, but we have nothing but respect for those who do. If you are an improv group, here's some name suggestions especially suited for improv:
  • The Skull of Del Close
  • Third City
  • Fourth Through Eighth Cities
  • Another Fucking Improv Group
  • The Not-So-Hots
  • The Don't When To Shut Our Yaps
  • The Go On Too Longs
  • The Painfully Unfunny Fellows
  • Crappy McLousy's Doofus Parade
  • The We Spell it "Theatre" Theater
  • The You're Too Stupid to Get It Guys
  • The Sucks
  • The Stuck Ups
  • The Can't-Wait-To-Ditch-the-Others-the-Minute-I-Get-a-Deodorant-Commercial Cadre
  • The We're Really Serious Actors Ensemble
  • The Dinner Theater Rejects

Controversial Names
Perhaps you feel your group is on "the edge" and you want your name to reflect that. Or perhaps you just want cheap, free publicity. Either way, try one of these:
  • Huzzah for Hitler
  • Grab Your Ankles
  • Baby Seal Clubbers
  • The Electric Rectums
  • The Chicken Rapers
  • Eat the Babies, Yum!
  • Crack Baby Stew
  • The Just as Soon Knife You as Look at You Gang
  • The Ku Jokes Klan
  • I Did Your Mom
  • Abortions by Laughter
  • Pepsi is Poison
  • The Filthy, Filthy Cripples

Our Rejects
Feel free to use one of the names we rejected in our own name selection process:
  • The Van Buren-Burens
  • Symon and Garphunkle
  • The Sore Horsemen of the Apocalypse
  • Jason and Friends!

Names Club Owners Love
Endear yourselves to every venue you play with one of these names (trust us):
  • Private Party
  • Closed for Repairs
  • Closed for Fumigation
  • Condemned
  • Closed by Order of Health Department
  • Closed Due to Death in Family
  • The Owner Sucks
  • Free Beer!
  • Live Nude Girls!

Names No Longer In Use
You're probably thinking, darn it, all the good names have long since been used up! Well, (A) watch your language and, (B) recycle! Take a name no one's using anymore:
  • Monty Python's Flying Circus
  • The Glenn Miller Orchestra
  • Red Nichols and his Five Pennies
  • The Whig Party
  • Ambrose Burnside
  • The Beatles
  • The Rolling Stones (They probably won't use it much longer)

Whatever name you go with, we would like to wish you well in your comedic endeavors, but frankly we don't need the competition, so we hope you fail, disband and all go into manual labor or some other form of employment where you will never be a threat to our livelihoods. Like banking. Or being a jockey.

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(Yes, of course these all stink. You think we're gonna give away good ones for free? Besides, we'll need the good names for our vanity sketch groups when we become insufferable "artistes" and decide we can't work together any more.)


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