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Therapeutic Massacre (I Love You)
Sung to the tune of Therapeutic Massacre (I Love You)

by Galen Black

Patient on my couch talking 'bout his blues
Trying hard to listen, I stare at my shoes
Suddenly, quick I felt kind of trashed
I grabbed my letter opener and started to slash
I went SNAP

Therapeutic Massacre, I can't take it much more.
Therapeutic Massacre, blood on the floor.
Therapeutic Massacre, it's what I had to do.
Therapeutic Massacre, I love you.
Blood on my hands, my pants and my shoes
The door started to open what else could I do
My assistant came in and stared to scream
My eyes opened wide and started to beam
I went snap.


Alone in my room of rubber and white
I had a jacket strapped to me oh so tight
I struggled, I fought, I finally broke free
I grabbed myself a knife and had myself a spree
I went SNAP!


Sitting in the chair, strapped to some wire
Warden standing next to me looking sorta tired
He gave a nod to the man in the hood
He pulled the lever down, I finally understood<
I went ZAP.

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