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The VGG Dream Log
A Dream I Had About Jerry Lewis
With Commentary

by T. Mike

The Dream:

I'm in my car exiting the underground parking garage of a hospital. Unfortunately, it's after hours and the exit is locked up so I can't get out. I get out of my car to talk to the security guard, who is comedian Jerry Lewis. Jerry is in character as the nutty professor, in a bad brown suit, half moon bifocals and buck teeth. He has a terrible haircut, cut very short and sticking up everywhere. His hair is starting to go gray.

He can't just let me out. For some security reason he has to give me a walkie talkie, but it isn't charged, so he has to give me this large charging unit to plug in to my cigarette lighter with tangled cables everywhere. Jerry of course can't resist doing the gag of getting all tangled up in the cables and then trying to hand it to me and then getting me all tangled up as well.

I walk back to my car, to see several other cars behind mine. I'm a little embarrassed now, because I'm holding up the line. However, when I get to my car, it's not my car. It's some other black car. And none of the three other black cars behind it are my car. My car has disappeared.

I go wandering off, looking for my car. However, I end up inside a huge mansion that's so sumptuous, they have two rooms just for Christmas. The rich people who live there don't bother decorating the house for Christmas, they just leave two rooms permanently decorated for the holidays and then use them when Christmas comes around.

The dream ends.


This dream is full of confused imagery of wealth and power. Jerry Lewis, once one of the most popular entertainers in U.S. history, is, in my dream, reduced to the lowly status of a parking guard. The fact it's at a hospital evokes the MDA telethon that is his only current steady work. Jerry Lewis' occupation in the dream is probably borrowed from the real life travails of former child star Gary Coleman, who was a mall security guard. Coleman symbolizes the fickleness of fame even more strongly than Jerry Lewis. How the mighty hath fallen!
Jerry Lewis
Jerry's hair is my hair- at the time of the dream, I felt I recently received a bad haircut. The gray represents my own fear of aging. Jerry Lewis is me, a man who would be funny, who would be famous, but is reduced to a pathetic shell of his former self, aging, confused and still desperately doing his schtick for anyone who will give him the time of day.

The car further represents power - status, freedom of travel. It is taken from me too. Forced to walk, I am then shown incredible wealth that belongs neither to me nor Jerry Lewis.

This dream is about fear. Fear of poverty. Fear of aging. Fear of insignificance. Fear of failure. It was if Jerry Lewis was the ghost of Marley, come back from the dead to point an accusing finger at me, Scrooge, and warn me of the error of my ways. This dream has cut me to the quick. This dream is one of the most portentous and insightful dreams I have ever remembered. It is laden with my psychic pain and shot through with my deepest fears and darkest desires.

Never again will I think of Jerry Lewis without a shudder of fear and pity.


What conclusions can be drawn from this dream?
1. We're all going to grow old and die, even Jerry Lewis and Gary Coleman.
2. All is vanity.
3. Life isn't fair.
4. Keep an eye on your car.

I thank you for your time.

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