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Al's Journal AM Radio Update! Seattle Signs The Point System
T. Mike's Official Seattle Points System

Buying Dressing Driving
Eating Gambling Intoxicating
Reading Rest Stopping Rooming
Self-Loving Sleeping

Buying point value points accrued
Each souvenir purchased1 1
The souvenir commemorates a state 1
The state on the souvenir is not on the route 1  
Each souvenir sold 2  
Each VGG T-Shirt sold 3  
Wearing an article of someone else's clothing2 1  
All the clothes worn are other people's 1  
All the clothes are all from the same person 2  
All the clothes have been worn before on the trip 3  
Each 100 miles driven 1 1
Each state driven in 1 1
Moving violations while driving -1  
Vehicle problems while driving -1  
Being in first van across state line 1  
Being driver of the first van across state line 3  
Each soda drunk in van 1 4
Each serving-size of food eaten in van 1  
Each gross item eaten at group meal3 2  
Paying for a meal for the entire group4 5  
Wearing milkshakes like mittens in parking lot 5  
Each $100 won gambling5 1  
Each $100 lost gambling6 -2  
Receive a comp by Indian casino 3  
Find casino chip in Indian casino 1  
Any slot machine jackpot over $10 2  
Each alcoholic drink imbibed 1  
Each serving of hallucinogenic fungus ingested 1  
Each day abstaining from drugs or alcohol 5 10
Vomiting from over-indulging -2  
Each magazine read7 1 1
Each book read 2 2
The book was over 400 pages 1  
The book was non-fiction 1  
Each 100 pages read of Uncle Miltie's Joke File 5  
Rest Stopping    
Wear a coat found at a rest stop 1  
Wear a shirt found at a rest stop 2  
Wear a sock found at a rest stop 3  
Wear a hat found at a rest stop 4  
Wear underwear found at a rest stop 5  
Wear the underwear on your head 2  
Requesting a rest stop for urinating -1  
Requesting a rest stop for #2 -2  
Last one ready at the rest stop -1  
Living in the "less stinky" room8 1 1
First out of bed in the morning 1  
Last out of bed in the morning -1 -1
Farting loudly and yelling "Ohmigod! 1  
Masturbate 1  
Masturbate in the van 2  
Masturbate while others are in the van 3  
Masturbate while driving 4  
Catching someone masturbating 5  
Caught masturbating -5  
Each 100 miles slept in the van 1  
Each state totally slept through 2  
Waking others with your snoring -1  
Waking others with your screaming -2  
Waking others with your sobbing -3  
Total Points   17

1. Excluding postcards
2. All articles of other people's clothing must be worn for a period of time over eight hours to count.
3. The "gross" item will be determined by the VGG members attending the meal.
4. Group must consist of three or more VGG members.
5. Net winnings per gaming session.9
6. Net losses per gaming session.
7. May not be pornography unless the "reader" can pass a written exam concerning the articles in the magazine.
8. "Less stinky" will be determined by VGG group vote.
9. "Gaming session" consists of one sitting at a slot machine or other game of chance.


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