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My Left Hand Update

by Rob Terrell

My Left Hand. Less Hairy Than Before.

Really, I'm the big moron here. I mean, sure, we all wondered what would happen if I were to slather my hand in Roagine daily. But I'm the idiot who thought it would be funny to do it.

I've learned from the angry, disturbed email I've gotten about this stunt that, as it turns out, there's a wealth of information on this topic already online. The lesson to be learned: anytime you're hanging out with friends and someone asks a question that begins, "I wonder what would happen if...?" just go ahead and hit Google and save yourself some trouble.

So as to not disturb my experiment, I have avoided the above search myself. Enough with this 'net learning crap. We're gonna learn this empirically.

To be honest, I've been pretty lax about getting started. T. Mike was supposed to buy Roagine with group funds, not only so that the group would share the financial burden but also so that T. Mike (lots of hair on head) would be the one buying it and not me (starting to thin at forehead and a spot in the back). I don't want my neighbors to think I'm vain. This is for science, people. But T. Mike forgot.

So, today is really the start of the experiment. And to get rolling, I've decided to give the Rogaine a little something to work against: I've shaved my hand.

Next update, I guarantee some kind of growth!


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