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Medical School

Apparently some people think you can be TAUGHT to practice medicine. Hardly. It's actually more like riding a bicycle. The truth is in the wording -- you've got to practice, and keep on practicing, until you get better. Especially if you're bad at it -- you've just got to keep on trying, no matter how many people suffer a bloody, gruesome death at your hands. They may die, so that so many others may live. Just keep telling yourself that.

It's better than spending four to six years in some damn CLASSROOM, listening to those big-shot jerkwads, writing your little notes like some philosophy co-ed, dismantling dead bodies in gross anatomy...what's the point in that? You should be learning from LIVE bodies.

I recommend sneaking into Doctor's offices and tell the head nurse that you're there "at the insistance of the Board" (she'll know which one) and that you're taking all the patients that day. Then, do what you gotta to make them better. You'll learn as you go. Pediatricians' offices are best, because if you accidentally kill a young kid, who cares? The parents have barely had any time to get attached to the thing. And they can also go have sex and make more.


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