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Ask Dr. Joe!

Question for the Good Doctor:

Doctor Joe,
I'm a doctor -- by training a surgeon. However, I'm pretty bad at it. Because I'm such a lousy surgeon, I often deal with the bereaved relatives, the crying spouse, the bitter brother, the malevolent mother. All in all, more than I was trained to handle.
So what are some good ways to handle the surviving relatives of the dead?

Dr. Joe's Wise Reply:

For me this is also a large issue -- I deal with dead patients on a nearly daily basis!

Here's how I handle a dead or dying patient. During surgery -- say, open-heart surgery -- that you know in your gut just isn't going so well, before you sew up the chest cavity, place a playing card in there. Later, after they're dead, after you bring the bereaved family in, distract them by doing a simple card trick. They'll appreciate how you're trying to help them forget dear dead Ma -- but they'll be extra-surprised when you break out the surgical saw, cut Ma's sternum in two, pull out the ace of spades and yell, "Is this your card?"

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