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All-Purpose *load
Unit Conversion Calculator

by Alan Benson
"Man, I've got a buttload of homework"
"My boss dropped an assload of paperwork on me"
"I got into a fuckload of trouble last time I did that"

Sound familiar? Sure it does. Nowadays, what with the Internet and all, more and more products, services, and workloads are based on the "load" system developed by General Dynamics in 1973.

While the system has made international trade easier, it hasn't helped Joe and Jane Sweatsock any. You know what a buttload is, but what about an assload, fuckload, or shitload? You have an assload of work to assign, but when your employees tell you they have a buttload of work already, how do you know they're not just slacking off?

Now, thanks to the amazing power of the Van Gogh-Goghs' All-Purpose * load Unit Conversion Calculator, you'll be able to calculate the EXACT amount, no matter what "load" unit is used. For free! Give it a try! Just select the units that you have, input the number, select the units you want to convert to, click Calculate, and hey presto! your load amounts are converted.

I have s of something.

How much is that in s ?

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