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No Big Boy Van Gogh-Goghs Ordered to Cease Offering
"Ask the Big Boy"

The other day, we received a letter that just ruined our collective days. Now don't get us wrong -- we love getting letters from our site visitors, but letters containing the term "cease and desist" and making vague intimations about lawsuits can really suck the joie out of one's vivre.

And our vivre was just about sucked dry when we read the letter below, which informed us that Elias Brothers (the folks who own the Big Boy trademark) weren't about to take "Ask the Big Boy" in the spirit of fun and good times it was intended. They wanted it gone, and their unnecessarily stern letter (which made Alan cry, by the way) gave us ten days to do it.

Now even though our first impulse was to fight it (c'mon, the site is obviously meant as humor, and no one with half a brain would think this is the real Big Boy), our second through tenth impulses told us that we don't have the cash, time, or gumption for a lawsuit.

So instead, we're offering up Elias Brothers' letter and a revised, non-trademark-infringing substitute. In a couple of weeks, we'll let you vote on the permanent replacement for our Internet sage. And you can bet a certain overweight corporate shill won't have any input on his replacement.

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