On the Road: Looking at America Through a Layer of Filth, Grime and Bug Guts

Route 66 Sign
Route 66: First Impressions

The Big 8Wendell drove us away from Calumet and toward the great city of Gallup, New Mexico. The night before we had our first encounter with Route 66. However, we couldn't see much of what was along the road at night, so we didn't waste much time. We did see a hotel used in the filming of "Rainman". Its sign claimed to be the finest hotel in Amarillo, which is funny because it's really in Oklahoma City. With daylight on our side, it was easier to see the sights on the old route. Sunlight does wonders for seeing things, except for stars.

Author's Note: Route 66 was once the main road that connected the Midwest to the west. It runs all the way from Chicago to Santa Monica, California. For further explanation I will refer you to the song, Route 66 by Nat King Cole. Sure there are others who have sung the song, including the Sex Pistols. So if you don't like the musical stylings of Cole, then I am sure you can find a group or soloist that can sing the song to your satisfaction. If you know of no such group, then buy the sheet music and sing it for yourself.

The first cool thing we saw on the old highway was the road itself. I know that sounds really dumb and cliche, but you have to understand why the road is cool. The pavement on one particular section of the highway, west of Oklahoma City, is pink. Not your standard white or gray or black, but pink. Now on an interstate that would look silly, but Route 66 pulls it off. This section of the road is out in the country, so the lush green of the meadows and the bright blue tone of the wide Oklahoma sky blends with the soft hue of the road to make for a beautiful picture. I, of course, miss this wonderful photo opportunity. For some reason I elected not to stop the car and take a picture and I took a shot through my front windshield. The photo shows how dirty my car is, better than how beautiful the road is.

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