On the Road: Looking at America Through a Layer of Filth, Grime and Bug Guts

A Beautiful Picture of the Grand Canyon
Not Seeing the Grand Canyon

As we traveled north out of Flagstaff, the first storm we encountered on the trip began. We hoped the rain would clear before we got to the canyon, but as we paid the entry fee to the park, the down pour continued. We stopped at the first lookout on the south-west side of the canyon. Since we had driven this far and paid 20 bucks, we were gonna brave the weather and get some kind view of the place. The temperature was about 40 degrees. The wind was at gale force. Rain stung our faces. Hail covered the ground. But we fought it all to make our way to the viewing station. We got to the edge of the canyon and looked out to see, nothing. The whole place was fogged in. I can see fog for free, and fog is fog no matter where you are.

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