On the Road: Looking at America Through a Layer of Filth, Grime and Bug Guts

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Jack Rabbits

Not satisfied with our trading post shopping we hunted for more. We passed a few gift shops, but a series of large yellow signs with a giant silhouette of a rabbit convinced us to wait for a place called Jack Rabbits. Jack RabbitsJack Rabbits dates back to the days of before the interstate. It's an old Union 76 service station, ten better than those stuck up Phillips 66 gas places. Inside the merchant had some cool old 1940's and 50's style junk along with some 60's, 70's and 80's style crap. Jack Rabbits had it all, a place for the whole family. All sorts of toys were there for the kids, a wide array of salt and pepper shakers for mom, and a deck of naked girl playing cards for dad. The place even offered cups of fresh cherry cider, to really give the place a homey, small town gift shop feel.

I did buy a couple of souvenirs at Jack Rabbits. It was here I rediscovered the antenna ball. An antenna ball is a ball that you put on the end of your antenna to make your car easier to find in any parking lot. I hadn't seen these things since I was a kid. Finally, a throwback to the 70's that didn't make me want to go back in time and turn the Cuban Missile Crisis into the Cuban Missile Disaster, insuring the "Me" decade, Disco and last 7 years of the 70's retro craze would have never happened. I bought a orange and blue Union 76 Styrofoam ball for the Saturn, thinking I was starting a trend. When I got to LA, I found not only did a million plus drivers already have antenna balls like mine, there were at least a dozen other fast food joints that offered similar "doohickeys". Before we left we posed for pictures on top of a giant jack rabbit and then headed for Winslow.

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