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Galen's Scrapbook Page 1
by Galen Black

Mo Kitty Cat Meat Burger
The latest food fad to hit So. Cal. is the "Mo Kitty Cat Meat Burger".
Very delicious and if you drink some olive oil right after the meal, you have a better time getting those hair balls down.

Eat Jay Peg
I love the simplicity of this sign's message.

shoneyland membership
I had just completed my ten visits to Shoney's and that's when they kicked me out. That's how they get you. I didn't even see it coming. I was all set to get my well earned Shoney's Big Boy inflatable pillow, when I got a letter from Shoney's. The well typed form letter from Shoney's Corp. informed me of my termination from the club. "Why?" I asked. I never got a reply. My 8 year old heart was broken and my idolation of Big Boy was over. I lost a lot of innocence that day. I learned a lot.(music fades in: Joe Cocker "With a Little Help From My Friends). I grew that day. The world around me was changing. Paul was changing, Winnie was changing, and I was changing. Mom and Dad weren't changing that much. And my brother was changing a little, but not as much as me. I was changing the most. My sister was transforming, rather than changing. These were the days I would remember forever. Days of change. (Music Full: Credits)

Baby Back Button Ribs
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