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Bumper Stickers
by Galen Black

I spend a lot of time on the freeway, going much slower than the makers of my car meant for me to go. So I get to read, see, laugh at, ponder, disagree with and sneer at all sorts of bumper stickers. I like them. Can't say that I love them, but I appreciate the role bumper stickers play in our lives. You can put together the mystery of a person's whole life by the clues left on bumpers and in back windshields. You can find out what school they attend or attended before taking a year off to "find themselves". You can tell what religion they follow. You can tell if they politically lean to the left or the right or swing both ways. You can tell what kind of sense of humor they possess or don't posses as the case may be.
The art of the bumper sticker lies in the mastery of brevity. Where else can the work of Charles Darwin be debunked on a sheet of vinyl no more than a few inches high and a foot long?
I've decided to try my hand at the art of bumper stickers.

The problem of political stickers going out of date is solved by this one:

The Don't Blame Me Bumper Stickers

Every parent is proud of their child.

Proud Parent Bumper Stickers


God is my Co-pilot Bumper Stickers

Jesus Loves Me Bumper Stickers

Baby Back Button Ribs
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