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The cowboy. The Indian chief. The soldier. The construction worker. The cop. The leather-clad biker. These were the archetypes of America in the disco years. And no band better personified America, then and now, than the Village People.

But time moves on. America is no longer just a nation of cowboys, Indians, soldiers, construction workers, cops, and bikers. It's time for the Village People to recognize the huge changes that have occurred over the past 25-some years. And who better to give a firm multicultural goose to the stodgy institution of the Village People than six middle-class white guys who can't dance or sing? In our minds, no one.

That's the thinking behind the "Which Van Gogh-Gogh Should Really Be a Member of the Village People? Contest." Over the next six weeks, you, the at-work slacker or lost online porn-seeker, will play an integral part in the modernization of the Village People.

We've created six new Village People-ready characters for your perusal. It's your job to review the new additions and vote on the one Van Gogh-Gogh who truly captures the zeitgeist of the new millennium. The winner will become an honorary member of the Village People and be forced to ask them for an audition.

As an added bonus, if you include your email address, you're eligible to win one of three Van Gogh-Gogh Prize Paks! Each Prize Pak includes a t-shirt, VGG stickers, and cool 'n' fun other stuff. (We won't spam your address, but we may ask if you want to join our email newsletter.)

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