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  Temptation Island

Forty tempting co-eds wearing little more than a smile. Sun, surf, and sexy pheremones. Tropical beaches and erotic nights. And six contestants suffering with the problem of male impotence. Welcome to Frustration Island.

Frustration Island is an unscripted series in which six impotent men travel to the Caribbean to see what's stronger, their impotence or their will to live. The one who lasts longest without killing himself gets $1 million. The rest get all of their burial expenses covered.

Once on the island, the men are introduced to eligible singles and then reminded that the entire world is watching them. And, during any romantic interlude, the rest of the cast gathers around the lovers and talks loudly about how "underdeveloped" the contestant is.


The island

Discovered in 1734, L'Isle de Droop's white sand beaches surround the world's largest natural outcropping of saltpeter. It is also home to the hymornia Elliotius, the world's only known psychic bird. Every year, dozens scientists visit the island to study this amazing, rare creature, which has the ability to project images of baseball and castrations into men's minds.
The men
Frank Zirella
John Kane

Claims serial impotence "happens to every guy."


Just hasn't met the right girl -- even after nine years of trying.


Arthur Banes
Bill Voigtlander

Insists that his years without sex have been "perfectly enjoyable."


Blames the woman. Every time.


Reggie Markus
Dennis Burke
Would like to assure the ladies out there that he can still cuddle, which is just as important, right?


Denies everything. Doesn't know why he's here.


Watch it
So tune in this fall and watch six men slowly go nuts on Frustration Island. Only on VGGTV.


Copyright © 2001 the Van Gogh-Goghs

© copyright 2001 The Van Gogh-Goghs