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Other Galens on the Web
by Galen Black

I use to think I was the only "Galen" in the whole world. But when the internet came along, I learned I was wrong. Dead wrong. There are plenty of Galens and some with their own web page. Here are a few of them, but explore this stuff at your own risk. Some of these places are very odd. VERY! Explore at your own risk.

GALEN:  I have 4 things in common with this 13 year old. One thing is my first name.

Galen S. Brown  I have named this man to be my evil opposite. Not by any judgement of Mr. Brown's character mind you, but just because his name is Brown and my name is Black. In a perfect world my evil opposite would be Galen White or perhaps Kcalb Nelag, but unfortunately we live in an imperfect world!

Galen's World: Horror Illustrations, extreme music, and UFOs  Prepare to be scared! Moohaha! Haa! Haaaaaaaa!

galen.html  I really want a sweat shirt from this place.

What Christmas Means to Me.  Yes, Galen. There is a Santa Claus.

Viscount Galen of Bristol's Home page  Look, I got a promotion.

Galen's Persona Story  Here's the old Viscount's autobiography.

Who is Galen?  Don't go to this site! I'm warning you. Don't Go! If you go you are on your own.

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