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The Titanic Sinks, Again.  This Time in a Vacant Lot filled with pumpkins.
by Galen Black

Did anybody else out there in Internetville have the blessing of seeing the giant, inflatable, sinking Titanic slide visit their hometown? Have you ever seen a child's amusement ride based on anything more inappropriate. For a few bits, a kid could climb to the top of the ship and slide down the deck of the HMS Titanic into the inflated plastic waves of the cold, dark, murky, deadly waters of the Atlantic.

giant titanic slide
giant titanic slide 2
giant titanic slide 4
giant titanic slide 4

The only thing that would make this ride worse, is if there was a kiddie pool at the bottom of the slide. On this ride they just land on the fake waves and bounce up into the loving arms of mom, dad or primary care giver.

I'm really afraid of what kids learn from this ride. Do they take away the right lessons? No, they don't. They learn how to fall to their deaths when they find themselves on a doomed luxury liner. They need to learn survival skills. Where is the "Fight for a Lifeboat" ride? It would work sort of like the old game "King of the Hill". Imagine a lifeboat "floating" on a sea of those colorful plastic balls. You have to "swim" through the balls and climb onto the boat, without being thrown back into the balls by the kids already on the over crowded vessel. If you can kick someone off the boat, you get to stay until the game is over or you're thrown off. Now that's a useful amusement park game/ride.
titanic lifeboat in a sea of plastic balls

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