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by Jason Torchinsky
You know what I like best about space travel? Everything. The vehicles, the speed, the food, the vomiting, I love it all. I'd go right now if someone told me I had a seat on the next Soyuz outta here. That's why I was so excited to see that super-rich guy Dennis Tito bought himself a seat on my favorite kind of spaceship, the Russian Soyuz TM. I hope this opens the door for lots more space tourism, so that directionless jackasses like myself can go into space and finally quit kicking themselves for not running of years ago to become a cosmonaut.

Now, as excited I am about Tito's trip to the International Space Station, and his trip on the Soyuz taxi, I nevertheless have to admit that, in some ways, the little Soyuz is lacking. Don't get me wrong-- I love Soyuzes, and they're by far the most used (over 250 or so, I think) and most successful spaceship design ever-- but if you're going to be using it as a pleasure craft, it could use a bit of sprucing up. That's why I've made the following little Flash thing. Now, finally, in the hyperreal world of line drawings on your computer screen, yopu can customize Tito's Soyuz so it's a fitting vehicle for a nice week of leisure. Enjoy.

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