Dr. Sodas

Dr. Delight

VGG Name Bouquet Color Taste Rating
T. Mike Definitely can't smell anymore. Brown Good carbonation, but not much else, either good or objectionable. 5.0
Rob Weak Brown ...poor girl gamely tried to fight, but each soda tumbled down to her gullet, at which point Dr. Phizz would apply an electric shock. Lydia... 4
Charles waterfall babbling brook I'm trying to make Galen pee now. 5
Galen Smells like a leprechaun Brown Cotton Kandi on a Pixie Stick 5
Alan Fizzy, nose-filling and delightful. a geek's dark-brown cape No taste whatsoever. Sort of like C. Dolores Tucker. 5
Jason Sugared flatbread Pilgrim's habit brown Jesus. I can't even process taste anymore. May as well been a grilled-cheese mitten. 4

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