Dr. Sodas

Dr. Choice

VGG Name Bouquet Color Taste Rating
T. Mike Cherry cough syrup Brown Bad. Cherry syrup taste. Too thick.
Rob Weak Brown ...the evil head of the laboratory, Dr. Phizz, began the treatment. He opened the SODA toolbox- an array of... 4
Charles Portland iguana Fruity, loomy, smack me with a broomy, bouncy, bubbly, let's all go stubbly. 4
Galen Smells like the Spellman Ocean Brown Like freedom. 9
Alan Dixie cup or Dixie Carter, I can't tell. Worchestershire brown. I'm so weak and shaky right now, I can barely hold the cup. From what I tasted, though, it was kinda cough-syrupy. 1
Jason Sucrets Brown Sucrets Like a Sucret. This is a fucking liquified Sucret. 2

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