Dr. Sodas


VGG Name Bouquet Color Taste Rating
T. Mike Can't tell anymore Brown Smoky aftertaste. All low tones. A hint of vanilla. 4.0
Rob Weak Brown ...her. The society of Doctorsoda Animosity headquarters. They took her to the lab - tied up in a straightjacket... 4
Charles floor bought brown Tastes like a Snickers bar.
Galen Smells like a vegetarian steak Brown A favorite toy form my sister's childhood. 5
Alan Smells like air Sweet sweetblack's badasssss browness. Charms pop dissolved in the blood of a virgin. 5
Jason Sweet eyebrow Effie (Jason's cat)-fur brown Sweet, almost like carob, a welcome change. Worse as tasting more, but a noble soda, once, I imagine. 7

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