Dr. Sodas

Dr. Wow

VGG Name Bouquet Color Taste Rating
T. Mike Cold Brown Light, then heavy. A hint of cherry and vanilla. 4.0
Rob Weak Rob Terrell ...expired. "Daddy!" She exclaimed. "Please daddy, don't die!" But die he did - Doctor soda in his jaws. Lydia... 4

Do any beverages use meat as an ingredient? 7
Galen Smells like the sequel to Repo Man Brown Salt, pepper, oregano, paprika and a dash of nutmeg. 3
Alan Steak? Cherry flavored steak? Steak Steak. With cherry topping. Boy that sounds gross. 2
Jason Cinamonny, yet sweaty Pig-ass brown Pork-like. How do they do it? The secret: pigs drowned in vats since 1961. 4

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