Dr. Sodas

Dr. S

VGG Name Bouquet Color Taste Rating
T. Mike Not good. Brown Oily texture on the tongue. A low, degraded taste. 2.5
Rob Weak Brown ...seized a can of Dr. Riffic, her perferred brand, and heaved it at the old man. Pow! Right in the kisser. He... 4
Charles gluey
Eesh! 4
Galen Smells like / Brown If I had more of this I'd be happy forever. 10
Alan I've never smelled asbestos... before now. The color of the clipboard Rob's using. Intoxicating. I'm losing my inhibitions, losign my fears, losing consciousness.... 5
Jason Corsage and paint thinner Garbage water brown Like drinking the blood of a Christmas elf 3

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