Dr. Sodas

Dr. Publix

VGG Name Bouquet Color Taste Rating
T. Mike Lightness Brown Fruity-laden and watery. Is this juice? Oh, and it's flat. 4.5
Rob Weak Brown I must pause this story to report how sweet and fruity this soda, Dr. Pepper, was. 4
Charles none the same Flavorless in a weird kinky way. 2
Galen Smells like the 51st state of the USA Brown Is there soda in my cup? I can't taste a thing. 1
Alan Eau de Robitussin musty feathers You got your muriatic acid in my flat cherry soda! 1
Jason Like Toblerone soaked in rain water and marmalade Pomeranian brown Just like a dissolved cherry Tootsie Pop. In fact, I wager the factory is a 20 foot diameter pop in an acid bath. 4

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