Dr. Sodas

Dr. A+

VGG Name Bouquet Color Taste Rating
T. Mike None Brown A bit creamy, otherwise merely okay. 5.0
Rob Weak Brown ...should use your Christian name," they said. But Lydia, hopped on sugar and caffeine went nuts. "Fuck my Christian name!" she said. 4
Charles fresh new Inventive. This is the soda we all grew up on. 10
Galen Smells like the air on Mars Brown Pretty plow brothers sowing claps and herring bone 8
Alan Smells like Jason's finger... hey get that out of there! coconut shell Oh my God, this one is actually kind of good. How about that. 8
Jason Smells like a hygiene product filthy taillight Tastes soapy- I bet this would take mildew off my shower. 2

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