Dr. Sodas

Dr. Parker

VGG Name Bouquet Color Taste Rating
T. Mike Fruity cough syrup Brown Carbonated cherry cough syrup 2.0
Rob Weak Brown ....no one would call her that, least of all her parents. She'd beg and beg them- but they refused. "You... 4
Charles Fruit Fruit Fruity as the fruity is fruit. Fruity fruit fruit! 3
Galen Smells like the Mitch Miller album I love Brown If six had a taste, this would be it. 6
Alan Black hole of smell... no scent at all. mildew I don't know what I think. 2
Jason Floral - nice, slightly arousing Mocha butter Highly grapey- bit sour mid taste- full, varying dance of different tastes 8

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