Dr. Sodas

Dr. Wild (F.G. Meyer First Choice)

VGG Name Bouquet Color Taste Rating
T. Mike None Brown Strong up front, slowy fades. Good carbonation and mix of flavors. 5

Makes me want to puke, but that could be from the previous 48 ounces of lousy soda. 4
Charles bitter brown brown brown Flat. I bet it's a natural soda. 2
Galen Smells like my Dad's year in the Doomsday cult Brown Can they liquify cotton candy, dye it brown and give it fizz? The circus is in town.
Alan A tough, acidic smell that begs to be forgotten leaves that are burning Makes me cringe, squint and wince. Ouch. Soda shouldn't hurt. 2
Jason Dissolved cough drops in kerosene Hedgehog's ass brown My bladder feels like it's going to rupture. Flat, yet loud and medicinal- probably surplus cough syrup and prune squeezins 2

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