Dr. Sodas

Doc Shasta

VGG Name Bouquet Color Taste Rating
T. Mike Peppery! Brown Unpleasant. Smoky, skunky. Tastes a bit like a fire smoldering. Some tang (the adjective, not the beverage). 5.6
Rob Whatever Brackish brown Like I care. 4
Charles none thick brown Creamyish, nice flow, drinkable. What a way to drink number 16! 8
Galen Smells like the Easter Bunny Brown Can you make a Dr. soda from the run off of a Fruit Loop factory? 7
Alan springtime fresh mulch (extra grass clippings) Red skittles dissolved in marshmallow fluff. Ok, skittles probably wouldn't dissolve in fluff, but it's a useful analogy. So sue me. 9
Jason Field of snozberries in August Liver brown Full and sweet, interplay of fruity flavors- like dancing fireflies (fizz short lived, (illegible) 9

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