Dr. Sodas

Dr. Wild (Wild Oats brand)

VGG Name Bouquet Color Taste Rating
T. Mike Unpleasant; mediciney Brown Unpleasant; mediciney- red cough syrupy 3
Rob Weak Deep brown A hint of tartness saves this otherwise poor excuse for a dr. soda. 4
Charles no smell Dark Dark Brown Mediciny, very mediciny. 1
Galen Still can't smell anything. brown Oh God! I want that part of my stomach back. Gum. 2
Alan n/a dark w/ residual foam Horrible Sucrets-y taste. Bleah, Bleah, Bleah! 1
Jason Wow! Good buzz when snorted. Sod Really Sucrets-like. Memories of sore throats of childhood are rushing back-- 2

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