Dr. Sodas

Dr. Stripes

VGG Name Bouquet Color Taste Rating
T. Mike Good Brown Fruity, fizzy, sweet, good aftertaste. 6
Rob Weak Deep brown A hint of tartness saves this otherwise poor excuse for a Dr. Soda. 4
Charles Dr. Pepperish Dark Brown Start off with the one that created this madness. But why such madness? Dunno. 10
Galen I can barely smell it. Brown This is very good. I like it. Sweet. Gimme more. 8
Alan rich pepper smell dark brown, brackish water, kinda Overly sweet and cloying, much like the music of Barbra Streisand circa 1986. 8
Jason Slighty vanilla-ish Spicy-islands-ish Caramelic brown Initially sweet- then hint of citrus, or perhaps "Old Spice" aftershave 4

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