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Doctor Sodas We Have

...the taste of victory is sweeter than soda...

Behold! The Van Gogh-Goghs have travelled far and wide to amass this collection of degreed beverages. Below, the fruits of our exhaustive labor, so you'd better pretend to be appreciative if you know what's good for you. Here's the list of all we have collected so far and info on location and availability:

  1. Country Doctor - Fareway/Fastco, Iowa
  2. Doctor- Okay, Charles can't remember where he got this, but it has been reported elsewhere as being available at the U Save chain, Hays, Kansas.
  3. Dr. A+- Available at the Albertson's grocery store chain in California.
  4. Dr. B- H.E.B. grocery stores, Texas. Fun fact: H.E.B. stands for its founder, Howard Edward Butt. So theoretically, Dr. B Stands for Doctor Butt (snicker!).
  5. Dr. Becker- Available at some health food stores, made by Blue Sky Natural Beverage Co.
  6. Dr. Best- Discovered at an ABCO in Arizona on our way to Austin, TX.
  7. Dr. Buzz - A Canada-only clone, found by us just over the Canadian border at Save On Foods and Drugs #903. A Western Family brand. However, we have been told that there is a Dr. Buzz at Canada's IGA chain's under the "Our Compliments" store brand. One and the same? Or... hmmm...
  8. Dr. Chek- Available at the Winn-Dixie, chain in NC
  9. Dr. Choice- Marvin's Grocery, Sallisaw, OK / Price Mart, Oklahoma City, OK / Food 4 Less, Lawrence, KS). Believed to have not just the ugliest can of any doctor soda, but the ugliest can of any soda anywhere.
  10. Dr. Country - Food Folks, NC
  11. Dr. Delight - Our buddy Alec Vance lives in New Orleans and was able to score us a sixer of this concoction from the Delchamps grocery store chain.
  12. Dr. Extreme - Brand new (2001)! The Harris Teeter grocery store chain (North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee) is switching from the President's Choice brands (Dr. Smooth), to its own brand, Premier Selection. Which gives us, voila, Dr. Extreme!
  13. Dr. Fine- Al found this one in Amarillo, TX. He only found the plastic 2 liter bottle, but it is available in cans, too.
  14. Dr. Furr's- Furr's grocery stores, Western United States.
  15. Dr. Gulpster- Al found this at a 7-Eleven in Arcadia, CA. It apparently only comes in plastic one liter bottles.
  16. Dr. IGA- Boy, they didn't even try to name this one. Almost as badly named as Dr. Red and White!
  17. Dr. Joe's- Available at Trader Joe's - California
  18. Dr. K- Available at the Kroger grocery store chain, NC
  19. Dr. Kist- Found in Ft. Worth, TX
  20. Dr. Lowe's- Found at Lowe's, in Ft. Stockton, TX
  21. Dr. Lynn- Inglesgrocery store in North Carolina and Georgia. But so far it only comes in three liter bottles.
  22. Dr. M- Traded some cans with a guy to get ahold of this one. From the Meijer grocery store chain in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky.
  23. Dr. Parker- A health-food variant found at Wellspring Grocery in Chapel Hill, NC.
  24. Dr Pepper- the original, created in 1885. Geez, where CAN'T you get it?
  25. Dr. Perfect- Available at the Bi-Lo grocery store chain in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama.
  26. Dr. Perky- Available at the Food Lion grocery store chain in Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia.
  27. Dr. Phizz- Available at the Schnucks grocery store chain, Missouri
  28. Dr. Pop Available at the Save-A-Lot grocery store chain. There are stores in Jacksonville, FL / Muskogee, OK / Kalamazoo, MI and Charlotte, NC.
  29. Dr. Publix- Available at the Publix grocery store chain, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama- Currently only in two liter plastic bottles.
  30. Dr. R- Available at Randall's, in Texas They operate 43 Randall's stores and seven Flagship stores in the Houston area, 11 Randalls stores and one Flagship store in Austin, and 53 Tom Thumb stores and two Simon David stores in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. (according to their website)
  31. Dr. Riffic- Available at the Eckerd's drug store chain, throughout the Southeast.
  32. Dr. Right- Sighted at Preferred Products, Inc. / Consumers Market, Carthage, MO / St. Louis, MO.
  33. Dr. Rocket- Available at KMart, the country over.
  34. Dr. Schnee- Sighted in Missouri.
  35. Doc Shasta got renamed, a new can design and is now Dr. Shasta.
  36. Dr. Shasta used to be Doc Shasta. There was a overlap period (ca. 1996-7) where you could find both Doc and Dr. on the shelves.
  37. Dr. Skipper- Available at the Safeway grocery store chain in California.
  38. Dr. Smooth - Formerly available at the Harris Teeter grocery store chain in NC, but no longer (Spring 2001). Also spotted in IL and Palm Springs, CA. Part of the President's Choice brand.
  39. Dr. Sparkle- carried by Lowe's Foods grocery chain; Over 100 locations in NC and VA. Also reported found at a Price Chopper, Oneida, NY.
  40. Dr. Starr- Formerly found in Lucky's grocery stores and Sav-on drug stores in California; Osco Drug in Arizona and Lawrence, KS. This soda is on its way out, if not dead already (circa 2000) as the Albertson's (Dr. A+) took over the Lucky stores.
  41. Dr. Stripes- Ooooh this one pissed me off. I scoured every discount store within a lunch hour's drive of work only to find every other miserable flavor of the Stars and Stripes brand. But no Dr. Stripes! Finally I managed to find four lousy, beat to hell cans at the 98 cent Beta store. A pyrrhic victory. Anyway, the maker, K&K Brewing, has an America Online page! (snicker!)
  42. Dr. Thunder- Available nationwide at WalMart. This soda was formerly known as Southern Lightning, but several years ago, it got its degree and joined the ranks of the doctor sodas.
  43. Dr. Topper- Sighted at Dillon's Supermarket, Lawrence, KS / Brookeshire Bros., Houston, TX /Brookshire Bros., Lufkin, TX
  44. Dr. U- From the Ukrop's Supermarkets chain in Virginia. Richmond, mostly.
  45. Dr. Vess- Sighted at Shop 'n Save, St. Charles, MO
  46. Dr. Wells- Tons of these other sodas are doctor-come-latelies, but Dr. Wells has been around since at least 1943, maybe earlier. Widely available in mah homestate of NC. Also sighted in San Antonio, TX / Cub Foods, Mount Prospect, IL. You can also get it in 12oz glass bottles from the Real Soda Warehouse 3171 Fujita St., Torrance, CA (310 326 9202).
  47. Dr. West- Found by us on our trip to Seattle. Part of the Western Family brand.
  48. Dr. Whatever- This philosophically-named, all natural soda can be found in natural food stores across the nation. We found ours at the Weaver Street Market, in NC, but we've also found it in Los Angeles. Comes in 12oz glass bottles only.
  49. Dr. Wild- Available at Wild Oats Markets, Inc. health food stores in California. Also sighted in Kansas City, MO. This one tastes & looks more like ginger ale than Dr Pepper. And it has a period after "Dr" BUT...
  50. Dr Wild- There is ANOTHER Dr. Wild, a completely different, a more traditional Dr Pepper knock off, without the period. Sighted at Smiths Grocery Store, in Tucson, AZ. AND...
  51. Dr. Wild- Dammit if there isn't a THIRD soda called Dr. Wild, part of the Private Selection brand, that we found at a Cost Cutter grocery store in Bellingham, Washington. And yes, it has a period in it.
  52. Dr. Wow
  53. Mr. ahhh! - Eagle Supermarket Watseka, IL / Eagle Country Market, Davenport, IA / Memphis, TN
  54. Mr. Pibb- Coca-Cola's competitor to Dr Pepper, put on the market in 1972. You can find it on the fountain at some Burger Kings, but availability in cans is spotty across the country. Hard to find in NC, for example, but easy in VA. Strangely, it was reported in 1997 that Coke was planning on introducing a new Dr. Clone in 1999.
  55. Real Dr.- Found by us at the S Mart Foods in Stockton, in Northern California. Part of the SunnySelect brand, their line of sodas has its own website. They have recently redesigned their can.

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