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Now that the trashcan simulator had been perfected and an assistant had been procured, it was time to locate the test site. My first suggestion, in my house in front of the television, was immediately shot down; Galen's suggestion, a school cafeteria on Salisbury Steak day, met a similar fate. After about an hour of rejecting my ideas (my house without television, the National Neatfreak Institute, Hawaii) and Galen's ideas (a construction site, a garbage dump, South Carolina), we finally agreed on an acceptable location: the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Ah, the Walk of Fame... the address of many a starlet's dream. This would be the perfect site for my day as a trashcan. But exactly where on that fabled path to ply my trade as waste receptacle? To help me decide, I went to the one reference guide able to answer such a timeless question: the map of the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Star of Vera While I'm on the subject of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, there's a whole lot of people there that you really don't expect to be there. Apart from all the "stars" from the pre-WWII days, there are honorees like Billy Vera (famous for a song featured on "Family Ties") and Jamie Farr (famous for wearing a dress in Korea). But that's a subject for another day's rant. Galen and I perused the list of entertainers enshrined on pavement, and, after many a chuckle at the careers of others, settled on the comic genius of Tim Conway. Yes, the lovable Dorf would mark our spot.

Can you begin your day as a trashcan already?!?


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